The Car…

Is a 1993 Corvette coupe with the Fortieth Anniversary trim package and has a bit of a story. My dad was the second owner and when he could no longer get in and out of the car, in 2008 or so, he parked it in his barn. This was after he offered it to both my brother and me. When he passed away in 2011, we were faced with the decision of what to do with the car. Originally, we were going to get rid of it as it needed a lot of work. At that point it had been sitting in his pole barn for three or four years, by and large with a dead battery. Rodents had gotten at the interior and into the engine compartment. The tires had developed flat spots and looked like they might be dry-rotted as well. It was hard to tell the condition of the body as the dust was caked on pretty heavily. There was no way that I wanted to put it on the market in the current condition, even as a project car.

Our long-time family mechanic hauled the car back to his shop. He didn’t even want it inside the shop as we had no idea what would happen when he hooked up a battery charger. It turns out that nothing burned up, although the battery was shot. He then cleaned out the air box, put in a battery, and the thing started right up, much to everyone’s surprise! It also blew crap out of the tailpipe for quite a bit. Now Danny, the mechanic, knew a bit about the car, as he had maintained it for Dad. Once I asked, he shared with me that it was mechanically sound and had been maintained regularly. But he also warned me about the potential for hidden critter damage that might not appear for years.

With the car more or less drivable, I registered it and then had some folks take a stab at the interior. They got it livable, if not sellable. Then I dragged the car to MD to continue the cleanup process and put it on the market. I put new tires on it, had the fluids changed out, had a fan issue resolved. Over the course of the work, I discovered that I didn’t really want to get rid of it. I’m not sure what Dad would have advised, and I got some good input about keeping vs. selling. I know that we really didn’t need a third car nor the costs inherent.

But Corvette. Even more, Dad’s Corvette.

This has continued over the years. I probably should have sold it. I should keep it because one or the other of the the kids might like it. I even had it on the market for a bit last summer.

But then our eldest got her license. And then, with three adults in the household going in different directions on a daily basis, to five or more different jobs, the need for a third car became apparent. As it stands now, she’s driving the Caravan. SWMBO is driving the Journey, and I’m “stuck” with the ‘vette as a daily driver.

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