The C4Pi “Carputer” “Infotainment” system

I ‘ve started research on the RPi system for the ‘Vette. I’m accumulating some part too (see below). I’ve outlined the project into four parts:

  1. Research
  2. Adaptation of the Comvette Project to my 1993 C4
  3. Documentation
  4. Version 2, adding certain features either using Wes’ Comvette software or moving to a complete Linux, Android or Windows deployment in lieu of Comvette.
Project Breakdown
Version 1 Details

Part 1 — Ideal Capabilities

Wes Westhaver’s Comvette software has some pretty nice features and is an ongoing process but I think it’s worth the time to explore other options as well. I intend to do this concurrently with getting V1 up and running in the car. One reason for this is that the Comvette software duplicates features that I already delegate to my phone. So, while I wouldn’t mind offloading Waze from the phone to the new system, for example, but I do use the phone for calls. I use ALDLDroid to read and log the ODB1 systems via a Bluetooth box plugged in to the ALDL on the car. Neither of the latter features are available in Linux version. Additionally Wes Westhaver’s Comvette software supports his home brewed FM stereo radio receiver. He also provides a front end for the Raspian MP3 audio player and MP4 video player. He’s working to add support for

☐ OBD1 diagnostics display and data logging. (in progress)
☐ GPS flight recorder. (in progress)
☐ Sport seat recliner and bolster control.
☐ Dash-Cam recorder.
☐ Backup camera.

–comvette website

Operating System Options

I like the notion of a backup and dash cameras, especially given that there are USB models on for $25 or less. I’m not so interested in the “flight recorder” but as I noted, I wouldn’t mind passing the Waze tasks from my phone to the onboard systems. There is not a Waze version for Linux currently so that will require some more research. I would also like to figure out how to move the data-logging functions from my phone to the onboard systems. Again, there is not a verison of ALDLDroid for Linux, so more research is necessary in order in order to find something that will talk to the ALDL on the car via bluetooth.


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